Male Massager

The Autoblow 2 Male Massager ($99)

The Autoblow 2 is a unique penis massager that will gently slide up and down your penis, exerting a comfortable and exquisate pressure as it does so.  The feeling has been likened to having your penis gently sucked.  The difference is that the Autoblow is fully automatic, and you can control not only the time and place, but also the speed.

Apollo Alpha Stroker 2 Vibrating Male Masturbator

alpha-stroker-2Alpha Stroker 2 ($104)
The most advanced penis massager in the world, the Apollo 2 has an incredible 30 function vibrator to buzz your penis in a variety of ways, while the squeezable sides make for a quite out of this world massage. Despite its high tech features, this massager is easy to use, and can even remember the settings you used last time. It’s also fully re-chargeable.

Smartpump Electric Penis Pump

smartpumpSmartpump ($70)

This could be one of the most advanced penis pumps yet made, and one of the first of the new generation of ‘smart’ sex toys.  Its clever use of electronics and touch button control distribute three levels of suction power that either expand or lengthen.  Very intuitive and easy to use, and also includes a handy, quick-release button as well. The cylinder accommodates up to 7.5″ of length with a 2.1″ diameter

Hustler Penis Pump

hustler pumpHustler Penis Pump ($21)

This penis pump from Hustler will not only inflate your penis to rock hard levels, the vacuum pump, together with a stimulating inner masturbation sleeve, will create a gentle air massaging effect on your penis that is more pleasurable than most sex toys.

Hustler is a hallmark of adult quality, and for just $21 this penis pump massager is tremendous value for money!


Power Pussy Penis Stroker

power pussyPower Pussy Penis Stroker ($54)

The Power Pussy is another automatic penis massager that works on a similar principle to the Autoblow.  A speed control operates beads that run up and down an inner masturbation sleeve, exerting pressure as they do so.  At the top of the device are inviting pussy lips, again similar to the Autoblow.

Although it has many similarities with the Autoblow, it comes at half the price for a reason – it isn’t as good.  Half the price, and probably not even half the quality.  The sensations delivered just can’t match the original male penis massager.  I have to say that this is a dissapointing attempt to cash in on the success of the original Autoblow and doesn’t quite make it.